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Annual Cardboard Boat Regatta Race

Results – 2016 Annual Cardboard Boat Regatta Race 

The 8th Annual Cardboard Boat Regatta Race was held on Friday, May 13th, 2016 at Bettendorf Middle Park Lagoon.  57 high school teams from 7 area high schools participated along with 5 STEM educators & professionals in a special race. This is the 3rd competition in the QC High School Tech Challenge series with the top high school winning the traveling trophy & an individual winning top prize.

News Coverage from 2016 Event:

Link to 477 Event Photos Provided by Tom Stewart


Event Objective:  Teams from area high schools will design and construct a one or two-person vessel made from cardboard. It must be maneuverable and stay afloat for approximately 600 yards.  The boats will be timed from the moment they leave the lagoon dock to the time they return, with the fastest time winning the competition. 

Awards were given out for:

  • Top three places based on short time to complete the course
  • Most Innovative Design
  • Best Decorative Design


1st Place Time: 
A Little Nauti, Bettendorf High School
Evan Nietzel
2nd Place Time:
Duct Tape Team, Bettendorf High School
Jackson Callahan
3rd Place Time:
The Wetter the BETTer Bettendorf High School
Cole Grothusen
Most Innovative Design:
Bubba Gump, Pleasant Valley High School
Ryan Thompson, Cole Edwards, Tanner Bortolazzo


Best Decorative Design:
Boat Like An Egyptian
, Durant Valley High School
Summer Slininger, Emily Merschman, Sam Fusco
  • Link to Cardboard Boat Regatta Contest Rules and Guidelines
  • Link to Cardboard Boat Design Steps


Special thanks to:

  • City of Bettendorf for allowing us to use the Middle Park Lagoon and provide trash pickup for the cardboard after the event.
  • Dunkin’ Donuts who donated coffee & donuts for volunteers
  • The great group of volunteers listed below:

Volunteer Assignments

Name Employer or Organization
Pat Barnes John Deere & QCESC
Rod Brown John Deere
John Campbell US Army ARDEC
Octavia Houtekier-Boyd Putnam Museum & Science Center
Carl Loweth QCESC
Jeffrey Richland QCESC & Alcoa
Tom Seaberg John Deere
Bryan Snook USACE
Tom Stewart John Deere
Bill Sweeney Alcoa, Inc.
George Tome John Deere


Complete Team Results:


High School Team Name Team Members Time (mm:ss) Place Award
Bettendorf A Little Nauti Evan Nietzel,, 02:51 1 Best Time – 2:51
Bettendorf Duct Tape Team Jackson Callahan,, 03:40 2 2nd Best Time – 3:40
Bettendorf The Wetter the BETTer Cole Grothusen,, 03:43 3 3rd Best Time  – 3:43
Bettendorf Bob the Boat Builder Cole Teshak,Anthony Pozzi, 03:44 4  
Moline #108 Noah mosher,Mike hanley, Joe son 04:09 5  
Pleasant Valley    de-coffin-ated Scott Henrichs,McClain Acri, Michael Brees 04:28 6  
Bettendorf Avengers Jonathan Toppert,Jakob Wethington, 04:33 7  
Alleman Centi-Turtles Ali Milani Cassie Wales, 04:41 8  
Moline Yellow Submarine Saneha Borisuth,Ashley Barker, Grafton Carlson 04:52 9  
Bettendorf Team USA Justin Lemasters,Trevor Grantham, 05:02 10  
Maquoketa  Seamen Brandon Ambrosey,Luke Davison , Cody Kruser, Logan Rockwell 05:11 11  
Bettendorf Bettendorf Science Club Connor Ruge,Chris Arevalo, Jeremiah Burroughs 05:18 12  
Bettendorf Card Board Boat Builder Hunter Miller,, 05:22 13  
Pleasant Valley    Buoyancy Boys Austin Collins,Karson Sommer, Max Cremer 05:33 14  
Pleasant Valley    King Tut Owen Ward,Eric Dilley, Ryan Morrissey 05:45 15  
Bettendorf Lightning McQueen Scott Summers,, 05:47 16  
Moline Ship Happens II Emily Edwards,Megan Medinger, 05:52 17  
Bettendorf Insert Name Here Jacob Wehr,, 06:25 18  
Moline El Clasico Cristian Troche,Hossam Hosameldin, Demarcus Henry 06:28 19  
Moline USS Slick Willy Tyler Schoeve`,Trenton Jackson, Gavin Graham 07:42 20  
Moline The Flying Dutchman Pranjal Kadwe,Dana Plagenz, 07:42 20  
Moline Lil Boat Kier Cook,Karthik Prakash, 08:18 21  
Maquoketa  Team Titanic Brett McLaughlin,Matt Baker, Garett Miller, Austin Ahrens 08:30 22  
Pleasant Valley    Bubba Gump Ryan Thompson,Cole Edwards, Tanner Bortolazzo 08:38 23 Most Innovative Design
Maquoketa  Boats N’ Joes Joseph Coyle, Shae Caven,Taylan Dunlavey, Lance Wylie, Thomas Crossland, Jacob Burmahl 09:15 24  
Moline Lustrous Mahogany Connor Dessert,Lucas Petre, 09:42 25  
Moline The Curry Captains Tara Krishnan,Manasi Baheti, 10:02 26  
Maquoketa  S.O.S. 34 Ashley Wells,Logan Jones, Katelynn Harland, Preston Browne 10:09 27  
Moline Cece and the buoys Dallas Hanson,Caleb Schnell, Cece Hernandez 10:33 28  
Durant  Talkin’ Ship Maddy Howe,Jeremy Abels, Danielle Schlapkohl 10:53 29  
Moline Boaty McBoatFace Matt McNaught,Nathan Fields, 13:22 30  
Moline Yo Adrien Reese,Brody Lyall, 19:01 31  
Moline Vitamin Sea Nina Tran,Riya Patel, 28:31 32  
Rivermont Collegiate Rivermont A Square Andrew Laufenberg,Aditya Gohain, DNF 33  
Rivermont Collegiate Physics Girls Rivermont Manasa Pagadala,Hema Chimpidi, Bhavana Purighalla DNF 33  
Rivermont Collegiate Physics Boys J Square Joe Rodgers,Jesus Fuentes, DNF 33  
Pleasant Valley    The Kraken Jon Kaufman,Eric Jackson, DNF 33  
Pleasant Valley    The Enterprise Jasper Howard,Kyle Schick, Russell Berkley DNF 33  
Pleasant Valley    Hamster Wheel Luke Leathers,Landon Slagle, Harry Lawrence DNF 33  
Pleasant Valley    Flying Dutchman Cornelius (Alex) Davis,Zach Corrigan, DNF 33  
Pleasant Valley Rubber Ducky Hadden Henderson,Brandon Letney, DNF 33  
Moline ya buoy Derrick McBride,Max Park, DNF 33  
Moline water-melown Hanna Snider,Emilee Tingley, Isabel Zimmerman DNF 33  
Moline U.S.S. Sea-Esta Divya Badri,Sam Henderson, DNF 33  
Moline The Filthy Oar Connor O’Brien,Joseph Son, Aaron Foulk DNF 33  
Moline Silly Willy Daniel Segura ,Harrison Allers, Grafton Carlson DNF 33  
Moline P.O.V. DeepBoat Aaron Miller,Justin Kelly, Brian Joy DNF 33  
Moline Dank Memes Adam,Micah, Alex DNF 33  
Moline Berth Control Elijah DeWilde,, DNF 33  
Maquoketa  Sink’n Fast Elijah Husemann,Logan Brewster, Dameon LaFrenze DNF 33  
Maquoketa  Sink R’ Swim lane Dundee,Justin Snyder, Ian Shae, Kaden Waack, Shawn Solomon DNF 33  
Maquoketa  Modon Austin Marler,Aaron Bramer, Anthony Hansen, Dallas Dotson DNF 33  
Maquoketa  Kayak Express Austin McLaughlin, Cheyenne DeMoss,Brett Mueller, Wyatt Streets, Henry Miller, Derek Hansen DNF 33  
Durant  Noah’s Ark Noah Cawiezell,Emily Mundt, Marisa Paulsen DNF 33  
Durant  Boat Like an Egyptian Summer Slininger,Emily Merschman, Sam Fusco DNF 33 Best Decorative Design
Alleman Hawkxannator James Becker,Connor Flack, Eli Gaeta DNF 33  
Rivermont Collegiate Rivermont Raft Nikhil Wagher,Kenton Fee, DNS None  
Moline Aquaholics Anonymous MiKayla Penca,Zach massa, DNS None  
Maquoketa  S.S. Ambassadors Julia rederer,Nick Walsh, Kaden Emerson, Logan Hrwick DNS None  



All Time Event Records:
Group Time Date Participates High School
Student Team 2:03 (mm:ss) 28May12 Brayden Weinschenk
Levi Moser  
Pleasant Valley
Teacher/Adult 2:24 20May13 Dan Drexler Bettendorf
# of Teams
57 13May16 7 High Schools (Alleman, Bettendorf, Durant, Maquoketa, Moline, and Pleasant Valley, and Rivermont Collegiate)


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