2019 Quad Cities FIRST LEGO League Junior Season Kickoff

Updated 11Sep19  (check back for updates prior to the event)

  • FIRST leadership expected to attend include:  Kim Wierman, FLL & FLL Jr Director, Erica Fessia, VP Of Field Operations, and Erica Perez, Corp & Foundations Relations Manager.

FIRST LEGO League Junior (FLL Jr.) teams (students ages 6 – 10 or grades K – 4) coaches, mentors and parents are cordially invited to the FREE, 3rd annual Quad Cities FIRST LEGO League Junior season Kickoff!  Teams will benefit from interactive table topics, learn how to plan a season, see what comes in the Inspire Set, get a glimpse of WeDo 2.0 programming in action and more. Come learn more about the all new, BOOMTOWN BUILD seasonTeams will explore the growing needs and challenges of the people in our community. Teams will help to imagine and create a building that solves a problem and makes life easier, happier, or more connected for the people that use it.

Come to the John Deere World Headquarters in Moline where you will have opportunity to interact with professionals supporting the new challenge and learn about the FIRST progression of programs for students in grades K-12 with FIRST LEGO League Discovery ( ages 4-6), FIRST LEGO League Junior (ages 6-10), FIRST LEGO League (ages 9-14), FIRST Tech Challenge (age 12-18) and FIRST Robotics Competition (ages 14-18).

Event Date:
Saturday, September 14, 2019

John Deere World Headquarters
One John Deere Place
Moline, Illinois
Link to map with information on parking

Please note that the 7th Annual FIRST LEGO League (students age 9-14) Kickoff will be held in parallel starting earlier in the day.

To help insure we have adequate space and materials, all FIRST LEGO League Junior teams (students, coaches, mentors and parents) attending the kickoff must pre-register and provide signed consent forms when checking in as outlined below.

Pre-Registration for FIRST LEGO League Teams to attend
(Wed, Sept. 11, 2019 Deadline to Register)

A signed QCESC consent form must be provided at check in for all attendees including teams (students, coaches, and mentors) along with event volunteers and speakers.

For students who are minors (less than 18 years old), the consent form must be signed by one parent or guardian.

Link to a blank QCESC consent form which will also be available at the check-in table.

Overall Schedule for FIRST LEGO League Junior:

 Time Event Location
9:30 – 9:45 a.m. FIRST LEGO League Junior (FLL Jr) Team Check-in Main Entrance (inside door)
9:45  – 10:30 a.m. FLL Jr. Overview/Q&A Forum John Deere Auditorium Vestibule
10:30 – 11:30 a.m. Professional Exhibits John Deere Display Floor
  FIRST Tech Challenge  Demonstration John Deere Display Floor
  FIRST Robotics Competition Demonstration John Deere Display Floor
  FIRST LEGO League Junior Table Topics
WeDo 2.0/Baseplate ShowMePoster/Research
John Deere Display Floor
  Premier of FIRST LEGO League Junior Discovery John Deere Display Floor 
11:30 a.m. Event Concludes

See the listing on the FIRST LEGO League Kickoff page using this link

Display Pre-Registration for experts connected with buildings and public spaces for supporting FIRST LEGO League Junior & FIRST LEGO League
(Mon, Sept, 9, 2019 Deadline to Register)

Volunteer Pre-Registration sign-up (no previous experience required for most positions)
(Will continue to accept volunteers until fully staffed)

List of Registered Teams So far:

2019 Quad Cities FIRST LEGO League & FIRST LEGO League Junior Kickoff Planning Team:

  • Pat Barnes
  • Rod Brown
  • Dan Dalessandro
  • Sarah Eckert
  • Susan Eckert
  • Terri Smith
  • Sanchia Horst Sommer
  • Beth Ullmark

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