2022 Quad Cities Tech Challenge Final Results

2022 QC Tech Challenge 

The QCESC, in conjunction with the Bettendorf and Pleasant Valley High Schools, sponsors the annual series of three competitive events (Bridge Building, Trebuchet Egg Throw, and Cardboard Boat Race) open to high school teams from Iowa and Illinois. The goal of the events is to provide a competitive, fun team environment to support and encourage students in the real-world, hands-on application of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM).  This includes skills such as problem solving, team-building, and presentation skills.

High school teams and individual students receive points from each of the 3 QC Tech Challenge events.  A traveling trophy is provided to the top high school and an award to the top scoring individual along with a $1,000 STEM scholarship.

2022 QC Tech Challenge Overall Top Scoring Team:  Bettendorf High School

Pictured are students from Bettendorf High School along with John Koch, STEM Coordinator for QCESC.  The students are displaying the traveling trophy awarded to the winning school along with several other trophies from the QC Tech Challenge competitions in 2022.

2022 QC Tech Challenge Overall Top Scoring Individual Student:  Tobias Hindman from Pleasant Valley High School

Further details:

Link to complete scoring for the three events for all students & high schools

Links to 2022 Individual Events:

Prizes for QC Tech Challenge:

  • Top three teams at each of the events based on the scores will receive:
    • One picture trophy per team
    • One medal for each team member
  • Most innovation design selected by judges at each event will receive:
    • Team trophy
  • Longest Trebuchet throw team will receive:
    • One picture trophy
  • Individual with the highest score from the three events will receive:
    • Trophy & $1,000 QCESC STEM scholarship
      Must plan to study STEM related degree (Science,Technology,Engineering or Mathematics) at an accredited four-year college or university.   For definition of STEM degrees see page 7 of the QCESC Scholarship form.
  • School with highest overall score from the three events will receive:
    • Traveling trophy with school and year engraved and added.


  • Teams are not required to enter all 3 events and are not required to have the same team members or team size for each event.
  • All teams are required to pre-register for each event and provide a signed consent form.

Points from the three events are assigned as follows:

  •  1st place – 20 points       2nd place – 16 points   3rd place – 12 points
  • 4th place – 10 points       5th place  –  9 points    6th place – 8 points
  • 7th place – 7 points         8th place –   6 points    all other places – 3 points

 Each individual on the team will receive the points shown above for each event they participate in.   The tie breaker to determine the single, overall first place individual will be:

  • 1st Criteria – Grade (Senior/12th Grade highest, then Junior/11th grade, etc)
  • 2nd Criteria – Individual points from previous year’s QC Tech Challenge
  • 3rd Criteria – Plans to attend and has been accepted into one of the colleges supporting a STEM scholarship

Team Scoring: Traveling Trophy for the top school will be determined by adding the scores for the top two scores from the school from the three events.     

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