Battle of the Bridges

14th Annual Battle of the Bridge Contest

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Bridges to be turned in: Friday March 5th – Saturday, March 6th, 2021

Material pick-up: Friday February 26th – Saturday February 27th, 2021

Streamed Virtual from the Putnam Museum
ALL AGES, with 2-4 people per team
Cost: $25.00 per team

The event is open to any students middle school up and families. A team may consist of one to four people, where all team members must be signed up on the registration form.

OBJECTIVE: Build a model bridge using the prescribed tools and provided materials with the greatest structural efficiency.


Instruction Video


Pick-up Bridge Kits at the Putnam (between the hours of):

Friday, February 26th: Noon – 5pm

Saturday, February 27th: 10am – Noon

Bridge Drop-off and Inspection (between the hours of):

Friday, March 5th: Noon – 5pm

Saturday, March 6th: 10am – 11am


Saturday, March 6th: 10am – ???


  • Family (Any combination – kids, adults, seniors)
  • High School (Grades 9-12)
  • Middle School (Grades 7-8)

Highlights for 2021:

  • Elementary students are encouraged to compete in the Family Division. For school teams, IF your school includes 6th graders in Middle School, than 6th-graders can compete in the Middle School division.
  • Quad City Tech Challenge participation is not known at this time.
  • This event is limited to 80 teams. 80 certified and sealed Material Kits will be available.
  • 40 certified and sealed Tool Kits are available to non-school related teams. This is our entire inventory of tools. It is expected that schools will make the approved tools available to their teams, and what tools we have will be reserved for Families and/or homeschoolers. All tools are expected to be returned when the completed Bridges are turned in.
  • Material and tool kits will be sealed >28 days before distribution for Covid concerns.
  • Similarly, mock-Test Stands will be distributed with the Materials – we have 40. One Mock-Test stand can be distributed to a school for use of all their participating teams. Detailed Test-Stand dimensions have been added to the RTM.
  • The material pick-up has been extended to Saturday AM to facilitate teams who cannot otherwise get to The Putnam Museum during Friday’s business hours. ONLY those teams (primarily Families?) that pick-up materials on Saturday can drop-off completed Bridges on the next Saturday (the intent is for all teams to have a maximum of 7 days).
  • The App “SignUpGenius”© will be used to schedule times to reduce congestion during material pick-up and completed bridge drop-off.
  • Teams will be expected to provide a photo of the team with the completed bridge at drop-off.
  • Due to anticipated Covid concerns, only QCESC volunteers will be @ the Putnam Museum during testing. Details of the “Live Stream” option will be made available closer to the event.
  • Bridge 101.ppt (link to video) (1)



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Battle of the Bridge History:
In 2008, the Quad City Engineering and Science Council sponsored it’s first bridge building contest as part of a series of workshops supporting the Da Vinci Exhibit at the Putnam Museum in Davenport.  Based on the success of the contest, this is now an annual event.