The Pledge of the Computing Professional

Pledge of the Computing Professional, IA Node 3

Nominations are always open to join Iowa Node 3 are always accepted, including self-nominations.

The next induction celebration will be coordinated with the 2024 QCESC STEM Celebration. Please contact Beth Ullmark with any questions or for further details.

Nominations can be submitted online here by February 15, 2024.

For more information and history about The Pledge of the Computing professional, go to

Local History: 

Starting with the 2020 STEM Celebration, QCESC has established Pledge of the Computing Professional State of Iowa Node 3 to offer an opportunity for local IT Professionals to take the oath to honor their profession ethically and with integrity.  There are currently 3 members.

The Oath recited by an inductee of The Pledge of the Computer Professional:

I am a Computing Professional.

My work as a Computing Professional affects people’s lives, both now and into the future.

As a result, I bear moral and ethical responsibilities to society.

As a Computing Professional, I pledge to practice my profession with the highest level of integrity and competence.

I shall always use my skills for the public good.

I shall be honest about my limitations, continuously seeking to improve my skills through life-long learning.

I shall engage only in honorable and upstanding endeavors.

By my actions, I pledge to honor my chosen profession.